Emerging ESG Regulations & Their Implication for Businesses
10:00 AM
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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance, it brings about significant changes and challenges in the legal field. Join us for a comprehensive webinar that explores the latest regulatory developments, ethical considerations, and practical applications of AI in legal practice. This session is designed to equip legal professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in the legal domain.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Regulatory Developments: Overview of New AI Regulations and Their Impact on Various Industries
o Explore the latest AI regulations and their implications for different sectors.
o Understand the regulatory frameworks governing AI and their enforcement.
o Learn how to adapt to new compliance requirements in your industry.

2. Ethical Considerations: Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas Posed by AI in Legal Practice
o Delve into the ethical challenges associated with AI in law.
o Discuss the principles of responsible AI use and ethical decision-making.
o Learn how to develop and implement ethical guidelines for AI in your practice.

3. AI in Legal Practice: How AI Tools are Transforming Legal Research, Document Review, and Client Management
o Discover the latest AI tools and technologies revolutionizing legal work.
o Gain insights into the efficiency and accuracy benefits of AI in legal research and document review.
o Learn how to leverage AI for better client management and service delivery.
Faris Dean & Tony Down
10:00 am GMT
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